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Introducing BadgeIt.io: Modern Badge Printing Solutions

We are thrilled to introduce a game-changing addition to EPEAK Studio’s family of services – BadgeIt.io!

This modern badge printing solution is designed to revolutionize the way you manage event credentials. This makes life easier for event organisers and streamlines attendee check-in.

The Legacy of Badge Printing

Traditionally, event badge printing has been a cumbersome and time-consuming process. For example, managing spreadsheets, designing badges, and coordinating with printers can lead to stress and inefficiencies for event organizers.

However, with the launch of BadgeIt.io, we’re bringing an end to these legacy challenges.

Modern badge printing solutions are flexible, efficient and cost-effective. Read on and learn how!

The Advantages of BadgeIt.io

BadgeIt.io offers a wide range of advantages that set it apart from traditional badge printing solutions:

Speed and Efficiency

Say goodbye to long queues and delays at your event registration desk. BadgeIt.io enables on-demand badge printing, allowing you to produce high-quality badges in seconds.

Thanks to that, attendees can breeze through the registration process, leaving a lasting impression of efficiency.

What’s more, BadgeIt.io offers both self-service and assisted check-in options for an outstanding level of service.

Badge Design Customization with QR Codes

Personalization is key to creating a memorable event experience.

With BadgeIt.io, you have full control over badge design. For example, you can add individual names, company logos, QR codes, or any other information you desire, tailoring your badge design to your event’s needs.

And the best part? You can adjust your design at any point before or during the event. No need to finalize everything weeks ahead anymore.


We understand the importance of environmental responsibility. BadgeIt.io promotes sustainability by minimizing paper waste.

Instead of pre-printing entire rolls of badges ahead of time, choose fast on-demand on-site color badge printing.

With BadgeIt.io, reuse leftover blank badges next time instead of throwing them away.

Flexibility For Attendees And Organizers

BadgeIt.io lets you decide how much control you give to your attendees. BadgeIt.io’s powerful backend lets you see how many times a badge has been printed and set a maximum.

What’s more, you can always override any limits that you have set in the backend. This includes re-printing a badge, editing a person’s information, and more.

Integration with Registration Systems

BadgeIt.io seamlessly integrates with your existing event management tools, including ticketing platforms and attendee databases. As a result, this ensures a smooth flow of data and minimizes the risk of errors.

Out of the box, BadgeIt supports Swapcard and EventBrite’s registration solutions, and we can easily make it support your registration service provider without breaking the bank.


Whether you’re hosting a small seminar or a large-scale conference, BadgeIt.io is scalable to meet your needs. Print badges for hundreds or thousands of attendees effortlessly.

A Great Addition To EPEAK Studio’s Services

At EPEAK Studio, we love providing comprehensive, efficient and integrated event technology solutions. BadgeIt.io perfectly complements our services by enhancing the attendee experience and simplifying event logistics.

Our team is ready to assist you in integrating BadgeIt.io seamlessly into your event planning process.


The launch of BadgeIt.io represents a significant milestone in our mission to empower event organizers with innovative solutions. In fact, we believe that efficient event badge printing is a crucial element in creating a memorable and enjoyable experience for attendees.

Are you ready to experience the advantages of modern badge printing? Reach out to our team at EPEAK Studio to learn more about how BadgeIt.io can elevate your next event.

Elevate your events with BadgeIt.io – where efficiency meets excellence!

Monetize Your Virtual Event: How To Use Recorded Content

Virtual events are a gold mine when it comes to recorded content…because everything created during the event is content. From workshops to presentation to podcasts, all these recorded events can be used to bring in revenue. Consider this – all these presentations relay some piece or string of relevant and useful information participants can use in their fields of work, and so because of demand from interest in these particular topics, these information-filled videos can be potentially used for monetization.

Traditional content usually refers to written work, which can still be monetized, however virtual events go beyond downloadable documents. For the most part, the monetizable content from a virtual event is going to be video produced for the show. This recorded content can be used in different ways, from free streaming off of a YouTube channel, to paid content sitting behind a paywall on Vimeo, or even through hosting platform that is played during a conference via VIP access. But, how do you decide where to put this recorded content and how do you use this recorded content?

Use content to advertise for the long term, like TED

One way to use your recorded content is to pick the material you want to market your next event with and make it freely accessible. Whether you use YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook Live, etc., these videos could be strictly used for marketing purposes; they’re already produced content and can be used to draw attention to your event by showcasing relevant information that targets the market you want to attract, while at the same time giving your marketing budget a much needed monetary break. If you already have an existing channel for your event, you can definitely bolster your existing playlists with newer, updated material which could regenerate interest amongst your subscribers.

Become your own Netflix, sell subscriptions

Other higher-quality content could be used for monetization by being accessible from behind a paywall. For example, you can use a video service like Vimeo to create a paid subscription-based channel about the event or the topic the event covers. B2B companies already use paywalls for exclusive access to their content. For virtual events, by charging for exclusive access to quality recorded content, you can build a following comprised of monthly or annually subscribed viewers who are interested in the topics presented in the videos, but who are also potential show attendees that could be introduced to or reminded of upcoming events through the channel.

Market and sell exclusive access to VIPs

Monetize virtual event and online conferences

A third way to use this content is to promote it during or after the conference as a VIP feature. The content could be a very specific industry topic, or the speaker could be a notable industry figure that could draw an audience willing to pay to watch them speak. For example, CIOs of this world might be interested in a roundtable of their peers discussing cybersecurity in IoT, or ambitious future CEOs would also be willing to pay a VIP fee for an exclusive speech by Elon Musk or Mark Zuckerberg. As to where these VIP events could be watched from, since most virtual conferences already use a specific platform for their video presentations, the VIP events could be held from within the conference app or platform.

With the recent demand for virtual conferences, it’s important to rethink how we create new streams of revenue and since the content is already created, monetizing it should be the next logical step. We can help you flesh out monetisation strategies for your next event, ask for a consult.

Differences Between Webinars and Live streaming Events

Due to recent events affecting everyone’s lives, the desire to step out and go to a crowded room, auditorium or conference, to watch someone’s presentation was easily replaced with the comfort and sanctuary one gets from working at home or at their employer’s near-empty office spaces.

Webinars and live streaming events are now widely used tools companies can employ to broadcast news, information, instructions, or speeches deemed critical to keep customers and other audiences engaged in their business. 

Now, what are the differences between webinars and live streaming events? As you are about to read, there are quite a few to know about…

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